66 and Counting – Benefits For People Of Pension Age

Underclaiming of benefits by this age group is startling – for example, up to 40% of all 66+ people who could be entitled to pension credit don’t claim, which means that many people are living on incomes which are below the guarantee credit threshold.

We will look at the most relevant benefits for this age group, principally:

  • The ‘new’ state pension and pension age, plus Government plans to accelerate the move to a higher pension age
  • Pension credit: how it’s worked out and how to access it, including the effect of capital on how payments are calculated
  • Attendance Allowance and Carer’s Allowance (including new rules about terminal illness)
  • Getting help with rent and council tax, and how they all interrelate

The training materials will include all new benefit rates, plus a host of internet resources, practical tips, and case studies. There will also be links to Cost of Living Payments and other routes to increasing incomes.

Who should attend?

This course is pitched at beginner level and will be suitable for anyone working with this age group who needs to be confident that their knowledge is up to date.