Catching Up With Universal Credit

This is a half-day course which brings those who already have a good understanding of UC right up to date with important news and technical changes.

The Secretary of State has announced plans to increase work-search requirements, intensify the sanctions regime, and (possibly) revolutionise the Work Capability Assessment.  All of these plans are intended to put pressure on claimants to find work, or increase their hours / rate of pay.

We also have the ramping-up of the Managed Migration to Universal Credit of the remaining 2.5m people on ‘legacy benefits’, and the mysteries of the migration process, deadlines and transitional protection.

We will look at these issues, and many other changes affecting your clients on this half day catch-up.

My aim is to bring you comprehensive information which will bring you up to speed with all the essentials in these unique times.

In particular, we will look at:

  • Helping your clients cope with the intensifying of the work-search regime and sanction regime, including changes to earnings requirements.
  • The programme for moving legacy benefit claimants onto Universal Credit and how you can best prepare for what lies ahead.
  • Supporting people who could or must move to UC – timing, preparation, working out if people would be better-off and maximising transitional protection.
  • Refresher on the benefit cap.
  • Refresher on the impact of work on Universal Credit.
  • Improving safeguarding at the DWP: using the law to help your clients.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone reasonably familiar with UC who needs to be confident that their knowledge is up to date.

It will not be suitable for people who are brand new to Universal Credit, or people who do specialist benefits casework.



The trainer’s knowledge, energy and ability to manage the space was extremely well done.  Sharing tools to empower our clients and highlighting important language and regulations.  Also the case studies were brilliant as it brought it to life and was really memorable.