Claiming Disability Benefits – Getting It Right First Time

Feedback suggests that the process for claiming the main disability benefits – PIP, ESA and UC – is more challenging, more stressful and more prolonged than ever before and the failure rate for first claims is high.

As the DWP struggles to cope with the backlog of disability-related decisions, even a straightforward claim can take months to resolve.

Challenging decisions via mandatory reconsideration has a low success rate, but once cases reach appeal stage the success rate is very high.  However, the delays in reaching an appeal can cause severe anxiety and stress.

The aim of this half day course is to take a forensic look at the processes and pitfalls relating to claims for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and also to cover the Work Capability Assessment process (which governs access to Employment and Support Allowance/ Universal Credit for people who are too unwell to work).

The course will be aiming to maximise the chances of a successful claim first time round, by concentrating on the points systems, the meaning behind the words, how to frame a case, useful extra resources such as diaries, and how to obtain essential evidence.

This session focuses on the needs of workers who support people on benefits, rather than on the needs of specialist advice workers, for whom this will be familiar territory.  We will not be looking at the mandatory reconsideration or appeal routes, only on the preparation of initial claims and subsequent reviews.

Who should attend?

The course will be suitable for staff supporting people on benefits.  It will not be suitable for specialist advice workers.



“Excellent as always.  The trainer’s knowledge and experience was amazing and she was really clear in delivering complex information.”