A Guide to the ESA and UC Work Capability Assessment

This half day course is a comprehensive guide to preparing your clients for one of the most stressful aspects of the benefits system – the Work Capability Assessment (WCA). Claimants on ESA and UC who are too unwell to work have to face this challenge regularly and many people report that their health has deteriorated as a result.

The course will aim to increase both technical knowledge and assertiveness, and to provide a comprehensive resource of written and digital tools.

We will look at:

  • Who has to go through a WCA and who should be exempt
  • The WCA in the context of unfolding UC rollout
  • The ESA50 and UC50 questionnaires and the scoring system
  • Any recent updates to the claiming and administration processes and the role of Maximus
  • Preparation for the face to face assessment and the provision of evidence
  • The role of the support worker or other professional in the process and protecting yourself during a stressful process
  • Avoiding common pitfalls and problems

Who should attend:

Those working with ill and disabled clients who need to know that their professional knowledge is up to date and comprehensive. This is a guide through a complex area of benefits and so it is essential to be familiar with the basic principles of ESA and UC.

This is the appraisal from BHT following the most recent delivery of this course:

‘The course scored excellent results with 100% overall feedback score (all delegates scoring as excellent) and 100% of delegates said they would recommend the course to a colleague.

 Feedback included:

 As a complete beginner it was a fantastic course and very informative”

“Brilliant course. Trainer explained everything well. I Ieft feeling fully informed”‘

 NB: The DWP is busy consulting on the technical issues surrounding the migration of claimants on higher rates of ESA/PIP to Universal Credit following recent legal challenges. This course will bring you fully up to date on all developments within this vital area of law.