In work benefits

This half day course is a practical, fact-based guide to the range of benefits available when claimants go into full or part time work. It is suitable for any staff who have already done introductory level training, or who feel confident that they have a reasonable level of knowledge.
We will be looking at:

  • Understanding how work affects Universal Credit, and vice versa, depending on the status of UC where you live
  • The rules relating to part time / full time work and earnings disregards
  • The different types of permitted work and earnings limits
  • The various ‘run-on’ benefits, e.g. extended payments of housing benefit
  • Accessing working tax credit and the basic principles behind it
  • How to determine if your client will be better off by working

The course will be delivered in the context of the Government’s plans for large scale welfare reform, and will be as up to date as possible.
Please bring a calculator!