Benefits for Beginners

This course is now one of my most popular. Its aim is to bring you comprehensive information which will guide you through the benefits maze and bring you up to speed with all the essentials.

The course is structured into two sessions:

Sessions 1 – General Benefits Overview

Sessions 2 – Introduction to Universal Credit

Session 1 is a Welfare Benefits Overview, and will enable you to:

  • identify the range of different benefits, who pays them, how to claim them, and what benefits are appropriate in any given situation
  • understand the specifics of disability-related benefits, with an emphasis on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • understand housing costs and the impact of local housing allowance and bedroom tax
  • use internet resources effectively to provide support to vulnerable people in a variety of contexts

Session 2 concentrates on Universal Credit, and will enable you to:

  •  understand how to claim UC; helping clients make and maintain their claims
  • absorb all the latest information relating to the ongoing ‘migration’ to UC
  • identify who needs to claim UC? When to switch and who is better off?
  • understand how the UC calculation works – allowances and elements
  • recognise the tricky housing element: how it works for tenants and for people in different types of accommodation
  • assist vulnerable people to look after their claims, and negotiate effectively with DWP
  • access vital internet resources which really help

Who should attend?

This introductory level course will be starting from scratch. The notes and slides aim to provide a basis for further learning and will not cover all aspects in detail.

The course will be accompanied by a set of comprehensive course notes.

Please note the course will not be covering any immigration-related benefits issues.

‘Just to let you know that the training we had on benefits was absolutely brilliant! It was very informative and packed with excellent information. A must piece of training for all members of TT.’

(Benefits for Beginners course, Worthing, October 23)